Z&Z Intimates Ltd.
Plot # 1, 3 Rd 2, CEPZ, Chattogram
Website: http://https://zzintimates.com.bd/
Business Type:ALL (General)

Company Description:

Incepted in 2017, Z&Z is the intimate SBU of Ananta group. Located in Chittagong export processing zone, Z&Z intimates is a 360,000sft facility currently equipped with 100 lines purly dedicated to cater lingerie, underwear and swimwear requirements of our valuable customers. We currently possess in house design capabilities, live and dummy fitting, fabric molding, bonding, foam and fabric lamination under one roof. Our People is our strength. Gender equality is paramount to us and our lifeline is our backend operations. The majority of our employees being women, empowering them and inculcating these beliefs makes a difference in the lives of our female associates. By fostering pride in their job gives them a senses of appreciation for their place in the organization, the community and the country. There are four main pillars of success to our lifeline which is integral part of our business strategy; Career Advancement, Work-life Balance, Skills Development and Rewarding Excellence.

Z&Z Intimates Ltd. is a ALL (General) located at Plot # 1, 3 Rd 2, CEPZ, Chattogram. Z&Z Intimates Ltd. is using Supply Chain Management Software, and and many other different software & services purchased from Extreme Solutions. Extreme Solutions has been providing software development services and solutions to Z&Z Intimates Ltd. for the last 0 years and 4 months of period.

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