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    Project: Q PAIL, Module: Inventory

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    Project: Q PAIL, Module: Inventory

    Project: Industrial ERP Software for Q PAIL LTD
    Module Name: Accounts

    Fixed Purpose ID error in Requisition Issue form, Customized Semi Finished Pack Size Setup, Poly Dimension & All form of Production object in Production module. Added new form Poly Finished Goods Size Setup - Qpail - Inventory, Production - Requisition Issue.aspx, Semi-Finished Pack Size Setup.aspx, Poly Dimension.aspx, Poly Finished Goods Size Setup.aspx & All forms of Production object of Production module.

    Work Date: 29/04/2021
    Engineer: Sajjad Hosen Munna
    Team Lead: Muhammed Azad Hossan
    Project Coordinator: Nizam Uddin Emon
    ERP Software:
    Industrial ERP Software:
    All Updates:

    Industrial ERP Software
    Developed by-
    Extreme Solutions
    771 Sheikh Mujib Road, Chattogram.
    Hotline: +88 031 712114, +88 01613 987363.

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