PIL (Bangladesh) Ltd
IIUC Tower, 5th Floor, Sk. Mujib Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Website: http://pilship.com
Business Type:ALL (General)

Company Description:

Pacific International Lines (PIL) is a shipping company incorporated in Singapore in 1967. The founder of PIL is the Chinese entrepreneur Chang Yun Chung.The company originally operated only two ships, but constantly expanded to finally celebrate its first 50 years of history in 2017, and rank within the first 10 largest container shipping lines.

PIL has a fleet of around 150 vessels(Container, Dry Bulk, Multi-purpose vessels) with a capacity of more than 400,000 teus. PIL has also taken delivery of 12 x 11,800 teu vessels. The company employs over 18,000 staff globally, regularly serving about 500 ports in nearly 100 countries worldwide.

As the forerunner in IT improvements, PIL has implemented a blockchain supply platform to share established data with DP World - Port of Singapore via IBM systems.

In 2017 PIL and COSCO have entered into a mutual chartering agreement, to supply and exchange vessels during shipping demand peak times.

In March 2015, PIL partially took over the ownership of Singapore's Mariana Express Lines (MELL). According to the deal, PIL has assumed the majority shareholding. Since then, MELL has continued to operate under its own brand and pre-existing business, as agreed internally at the time of the purchase.