Software Name: Industrial ERP Software In Bangladesh | Manufacturing Companies ERP In Bangladesh XERP: by Extreme Solutions
Module Name: Inventory Module


  • Product Group Setup
  • Product Categories Setup
  • Product Grade Setup
  •  Product Information Setup
  • Auto Code generation for products
  • Search Information by grade, categories, groups
  • Unit type conversion for products


  • Warehouses Setup by Locations
  • Set Opening Stock
  • Stock Quantity Adjustment
  • Provision for multiple godown Stock
  • Easy Adjustment Provision of Purchase
  • Stock-in Under LC or Local Purchase
  • Godown to godown item transfer

Stock Reports

  • Current Stock by Group, Category, Grade & Products
  • Date Wise Stock Register (item in/out history)
  • Stock by Godown
  • Stock Valuation
  • LC/LP wise product stocking

Menu Architecture

Product Setup Product Groups
  Product Sub-Group
  Product Grade
  Product Category
  Product Name
  Pack Size
  Ink Specifications
Warehouses Warehouses Setup
Store Areas
Adjustment Raw Stock Adjustment
Wastage Stock Adjustment
Processed Item Adjustment
Finished Stock Adjustment
Machinery Stock Adjustment
Others Stock Adjustment
Reports Current Stock (Raw)
Current Stock (Wastage)
Current Stock (Processed)
Current Stock (Finished)
Current Stock (Machineries)
Current Stock (Others)
In-Out History (Raw)
Transfer History