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Prescription Writing Software in Bangladesh -PrescribeRx

Imagine a personalized and safe prescribing system that allows to easily create and print prescriptions quickly and efficiently that makes life more productive. 

The electronic prescription writing software will also craft relationships between physician, patients and pharmacies with the help of automated prescription writing and efficient patient management system. 

Our software engineers made it possible under the supervision of specialized and experienced doctors by combining essential features and ease of use techniques.

PrescribeRx was originally initiated by Prof. Dr. Aminuddin A Khan, the vice principal and professor of Physical Medicine, Chittagong Medical College in the year 2007. The aim of the system was to develop an automated prescription writing software which can be operated with simplicity for doctor’s daily use with minimum efforts but outcome with maximum results.

The software now has rich features for prescription writing based upon doctor’s specialty, patient management, drug directory with generic details & Brand name editing, appointments management,  re-printing prescription, statistical analytics reports etc.

Importance of using computerized prescribing system:

  • PrescribeRx( One of the best Automated Prescription Software in the market ) will increase doctors efficiency dramatically.
  • Doctors can now prepare Prescription within 20-60 seconds using Prescribe-Rx Software. More patients can be prescribed within a specific time.
  • Well formatted Prescription, no hassle of bad handwriting.
  • No need for entry/write the same things again and again.
  • Patients history will be recorded forever and can be checked anytime for any types of analysis.
  • Patients Appointment Serial entry and money collection will be smoother than ever.
  • A lot of analytical & statistical reports will make doctors think and decide more confidently.

Why Choose PrescribeRx?

  • Doctors Personalize/Custom Prescription Format
  • 10+ Prescription Format (Medicine, Surgery, Eye, ENT, pediatrics etc.)
  • No need for an internet connection
  • Drug Listed with Generic name
  • PrescribeRX is 8+ years in Market

The architecture of the software

Prescribe Rx is ultra-fast as Microsoft SQL Server was used as the database system and Microsoft dot net technology as the front-end framework which increases software scalability and stability to ensure that your system will not become slow or unstable although after it will contain millions of data. The reporting system is also very intuitive with SAP crystal reports technology.

How we sell: Service, support and warranty

We are providing the software with per PC lifetime license. You can also try our system with a limited quantity of prescription preparation. After purchasing you will get licensing code for activating the software. You can also ask for any extra reports or for a personalized customization into your prescription writing system.

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Prescription Writing Software in Bangladesh -PrescribeRx - by , Oct 9, 2018

The prescription software is the first free download software for doctors. By using PrescribeRx software, Doctor can store all the medical records.

Doctors can maintain patient serial, provide them medicine and can track record patient management system for a doctor. Patient Information; Patient Previous History; Chamber wise reports; Prescription Generate, Medicine Information.

Very smart & suitable prescription writing software. It's easier & more Bangla and English language integrated. an easy to use, Chamber software for Doctors. Quick prescription writing pad with predefined advice & handouts in Bangla; Options of Handouts

Add test; Add disease; Add disease details; Add condition; Add examination. Patient visit. Add patient visit; Visit list. Investigation. Add patient test; Add patient.

Features of Prescription Software

  • Drug list. 
  • Patient history. 
  • Diagnosis list. 
  • Advice, DX, Rx. 
  • Symptoms. 
  • Investigations. 
  • Examination. 
  • Patients’ ID. 
  • Prescription template. 
  • Customization setting. 
  • Doctor’introduction. 
  • Visiting hours. 
  • Chamber setting. 
  • Prescription footer offer. 
  • Patient’s phone No. 
  • Doctor’s identification. 
  • Patient’s address. 
  • Doctor & Patient seating No. 
  • Interactive A4 prescription paper. 
  • Search patients. 
  • Doctor’s life time patient lists. 
  • Free Mobile phone SMS service for notification to patients. 
  • Appointment time signified no need. 
  • Windows XP, 7, Vista, 8, 10 supported. 
  • Easy to use. Time reducible. 
  • Life time license free. 
  • 8 Hours customer support. 
  • Team viewer support. 
  • Patient’s old database observing facilities for doctors. 
  • Counter appointment.
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