Bus Ticketing Software

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Bus Ticketing Software

Full featured out of the box software with the flexibility to run swiftly for any size of clients. The System of Bus ticketing Software is integrated in  web server environment and a centralized database used for synthesizing data of the software modules. The workstations (Computer or any other smart devices) would be anywhere and can be used for accessing the master database through web browsers internet connection.In the Bus Ticketing Software the following activities will be implement to fulfill  requirements.

Main Activities

  • Multiple Company (Bus Providers)
  • Vehicle (Bus) Management with Document Library
  • Seats Mapping (ie, 30 seats bus, 36 seats bus, 40 seats bus, 52 seats bus)
  • Ticket Counter Management
  • Create Users by Counter-wise
  • Set Counter-wise user security system
  • Routes Management
  • Ticket Sale, Booking & Return 
  • Online Ticket Selling with Payment System Integration
  • Extra/ Standing Passengers & Parcel Transport Selling
  • Scheduling  Management 
  • Print Way bill with sales statement
  • Reports of  Financial Flow & Statistical Analysis 
  • Stuffs &  Drivers Profile 
  • Administration  Module 
  • Head-office  & Branch/ POS Counter Login 


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    Bus Ticketing ERP Software

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    Online bus ticketing software in Bangladesh with features of ticket booking, reservation, sales developed by Extreme Solutions.

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