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XERP: ERP Software in Bangladesh

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning is a software that acts as the encyclopedia of business activities. XERP is a versatile ERP software developed fully in Bangladesh by Extreme Solutions for any kinds of enterprises automation including Garments/ RMG/Textiles Industries, Flour Mills & Plastic container manufacturing companies, Geo bag manufacture, Spinning mills, any types of trading businesses etc. Business intelligence integrated cloud ERP Software for factory production-oriented business. There are many companies providing ERP software in Bangladesh but most of the ERP software was not developed based upon core ERP functionalities and benefits in mind. Extreme solutions offers you the affordable and best ERP solution in Bangladesh for maximum results.

The software is a world-class ERP Software in Bangladesh very suitable for businesses perfectionist companies having industrial production-oriented or any trading based business. The software is using by more than 500 companies including Garments/ Textile Factories, Plastic Manufacturing Industries, Flour Mills in Bangladesh and abroad.

Why use XERP Software?

In a digital world, business success is defined by agility and speed. Legacy ERP software has been stopping your business from achieving its full potential. Our ERP Software (XERP) solution with greater agility and also business intelligence- achieve the results faster. 

Here are the top reasons why you should choose XERP for your business automation:

  • Modern: Always up-to-date with all the recent framework and technologies
  • Cloud compatible: Web-based real-time MRP Software
  • Experienced & Stable: More than 15 years in the market
  • Layered: 5 Tier Architecture, Agile based development
  • Security: Highly Secured and built-in hacking protection system
  • Portability: Full featured modules work combined in one app
  • Data Storage: Integrated and linked modules with one centralized database system
  • Scalability: Highly scalable Database System made for cloud computing
  • Easy: User friendly interface designed with mobile first approach
  • Configurable: Customization possibility for any sized & types business system
  • Controllable: Unlimited user accounts controlled by Super Administrator
  • Stable: Highly cached, Master Page and theme-based development
  • User Experience: Light weight mobile responsive UI designed for high data traffic
  • Secured: Non-injectable Parameter based data transfer for high data security
  • Authorization: Menu and Form level access Authentication- controlled by Administrator
  • Balanced: Sessioning with Safe view-stat & authorization system
  • Accountable: User Audit Trails for tracing any types of user activities
  • Mechanism: Highly flexible ERP software with business intelligence
  • Independence: Flexibility to run swiftly for any size of users.

XERP Best ERP software in Bangladesh

The ERP software provides an integrated view of core business processes in real-time. The ERP Software processes business resources, such as materials requirements planning, sales orders pipeline and delivery, LC & local purchases, warehouse & inventory, production with BOM, accounting & payroll, etc. XERP is an out-of-the-box best ERP Software solution in Bangladesh, for companies who want to implement a highly dependable ERP Software system into their business operations.

XERP Software concentrates on all the business information in one place, which can dispense with the issue of synchronizing changes between multiple systems, and allow the management team to get a more exact perspective of the business' data. Many industrial production-oriented companies in Dhaka & Chittagong are using XERP software as their enterprise resources data management system. 

XERP Software covers the following common functional areas:

  • Cloud ERP Software: Web-based real-time ERP Software.
  • Full-featured all-in-one centralized modules work combined.
  • Highly Stable Database ERP Software made for cloud computing.
  • Out-of-box user-friendly interface designed with the mobile-first approach.
  • Customization possibility for any size & type of business system.

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