Software Name: Industrial ERP Software In Bangladesh | Manufacturing Companies ERP In Bangladesh XERP: by Extreme Solutions
Module Name: Sales Module

Sales, Export LC & Collection

  • Setup: Customers, Brands, Sales Representative, Sales Zone, Delivery Points
  • Set Customer Credit Limit by Maturity Days & Amounts.
  • Provision For Create/Edit Delivery Order (DO) against PO
  • Money Collection from Customers (By Cheque, Cash etc.)
  • Order Status Monitoring
  • Sales Invoice Generation according to DO
  • Provision for Sales Entry without DO
  • Create PI for Export
  • Create LC from PI (with amendment provision)
  •  Sales Return/Adjustment
  • Cancel DO, Re-open closed DO
  • Sales Collection (Cash/Credit/Cheque/TT/Barter)
  • Collection against LC
  • Collection-Cheque Status (in hand/in bank/passed/bounced)
  • M.R/ S.R & Location Based Sales Invoice
  • Tracking Customer Credit limit & Day Limit For Sales Invoice Preparations
  • Provision For Auto & Manual Discount

Sale Reports

  • Print DO & Sales Invoice
  • Sales Statement (Date & Party-wise)
  • Customer Wise Sales-Collection History (Opening-During The Period-Balance )
  • Customer Ledger
  • Credit List with Financial Summery
  • DO History (Delivered/Pending)
  • Sales by Item Group, Categories, Products, Customers etc.
  •  Sales by Marketing Persons
  • Collection By Cash, Cheque, DD, TT ETC.
  • Dues/Credit tracking and aging of dues
  • Cheque In and Out Tracking
  • Provision Of Making The Cheque Dishonor
  • Provision Of Again Placing Of Cheque For Dishonored Cheque
  • Customer Analysis and The Best Customer Reporting.
Menu Architecture
Sub Menu Entry Form
Customer Brands
Sales Representatives
Sales Zone
Delivery Points
Sales Order Entry
Edit Sales Order
Create New PI
Update PI Info
Create LLC from PI
LLC Amendment
Order Delivery
Direct Invoicing
Sales Return
Close/Reopen PO/LLC
Sales Collection
Collection From LC
Cheque Processing
Sales by Items
Sales by Pack-Size
Pack-Size Sales Summery
Sales by Item Grade
Item Sales by Month
Yearly Sales by Pack-Size
Yearly Sales to Customers
Yearly Sales by Grade & Company
Sales by Grade & Company
Customers Sales Summery
Customers Sales Details
PO By Date Range
PO Items
Pending Delivery Items
Invoice By Date Range
Invoice By Payment Status
Search Invoice
Credit List
Customer Ledger
Sales Collection History