Nirmol Foundation
Nirmol Foundation (A Non Government Voluntary Development Organization) 33, Sadarghat Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh. Tel: 2852101, 01819-398260
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The Nirmol Foundation is a non-government voluntary organization. To develop the social-economic condition of the women, ti job arrangement for the jobless young, to produce skillful people through the technical training, to secure abright nice future for the street children through the modern technical education besides the basic education, securing proper treatment extending helping hand to the hopeless and oppressed people of the society to make public mind for heath conscious, social conscious and against of drug and aiming to remove the poverty the Nirmol Foundation has been started its activities since last 5th June 2004.

The Nirmol Foundation believes that the positive development of the nation is depends on the socio-economic development of the people and it is necessary for the socio-economic development of the people to take proper initiative, program and management, Nirmol Foundation has been working aiming for that socio-economic development of the people.

Nirmol Foundation emphases on bottom up, participatory and integrated development framework basing target group development approach but it also implements activities Following Community based approaches in special cases. It mainly emphasis the fullest participation of the people in every development efforts and initiatives and also joint venture project for the people development.NirmolFoundation envisages promotion and development of the rural poor and thedisadvantaged by providing technical services and carrying out studies andresearch for over all development.

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