Extreme Solutions Is a leading Software Company, We are Providing our services in A-Z Bangladesh. We have 10 years experience in Software Development, Software Customization, Software Consultancy. So as per as Demand we always face new Challenge in Our Business by our Clients. Every Client wants to know about our provided Services. By how we help them?


There is some FAQ (Frequently asked questions) by our Clients.

  • Which type of Company are Extreme Solutions? Well, we are mainly a software Company.

  • What is Background of our Company?  Extreme started its journey at 2003 with some NIIT Students of GEC, Chittagong Campus along with the help of their faculty teachers as an IT consultancy firm, which was not successful enough to build a structure of a Company. One of the students continuing to strive and at 2006 evolved into dynamic web and software development services and over the years. Extreme has become one of the utmost and reliable IT Service Provider over the City.

  • Is Extreme Solutions New in IT market? Extreme Solutions is in markets over 10Years.

  • How long are we in Software Business? We are in the Software business for over 8 years.

  • Why Choose Extreme Solutions? Cause Extreme Solutions will Provide best services in all over Bangladesh.

  • Are Extreme Solutions a Privately- held or Publicly-traded Company? Extreme Solutions is a privately held Company.

  • What makes us Different from other Software Companies?  We will not just deliver your solutions to you. We will provide 1-year free service, support, including video training.

  • Are Extreme Solutions Capable for Customization of Software? Obviously, we are extremely capable for customization of our any ready products.

  • Do Extreme Solutions have any ready Product? We have more than 7 ready products which can be hand over by anytime after work order agreement.

  • What if my requirement Does not match with ready Products?  We will listen to our clients what they want from us if it does not match our team will customize by clients requirements.

  • Is my Data Safe in Extreme Solutions? Your Data which you kept to us it will be our responsibility.

  • Who owns my Data? Without you till 1 year of service support or training period, it will be own by our company. After completing 1-year service your Data will be all yours.

  • What will be my operating System ( online / Desktop )? By systematic demand, the operating system can be chosen.

  • How I make Transactions with Extreme Solutions?   You can transact with us your Bank account. Details will be given to you when you started to work with us.

  • Hope I search the Reliable Software Company? Surely we ensure the reliability of us.

  • What about service & Support? As we say from starti1 year free rvice -support and training. We will be available 24/7/365.



All questions we faced by our Clients During query or work order Procedure is  Answered. Please visit us on our website. Ask us about our Product. Trust in us. We are able to make your system easier for You. We provide 24*7*365 services all over in Bangladesh. Feel free to Contact us. To learn more about our product please call us on +8801817251582, +8801613987363.



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