Terms of Services


Extreme Solutions provides world-class technology solutions for small to enterprise businesses. We are specialized in custom software development, software Consultancy. We have made this site to give you clear and reasonable data with respect to our privacy practices. Explore the webpage to take in more about the security insurances in Extreme Solution's items and administrations and on Extreme Solution's sites.


Term of Services for Extreme Solutions :


When you started to work with our Company, from first minute we started to follow all of given terms to make our company much reliable to all of respectable client of us.

  •    Scope of Extreme Solutions are we allow to engage our experts team including other interested connections to arrange as a team . And they will work for various products for Extreme Solutions.
  •    Acceptence of terms of Extreme Solutions is defined to maintain Terms of rules and regulations of our Company.
  •    Extreme Solutions Does not Claim of any users Content or Data Centre.
  •    Our permission of uses policy is anyone cannot sell, copy, Modify, transmit, rent,license of Extreme Solutions Product.
  •   Our Termination of uses Policy allow you to terminate your Accounts using after your Concern. Although it is such a critical issue, But Extreme solutions will hardly try to understand your problem. If it is not solved by Us You may terminate your account from extreme Solutions.
  •   Your Data, Informnation and all about your project which you kept to us, Extreme Solutions will be responsible for that.
  •   We Declare it very transparently that All informations of our site is Our Liability. But we are not Responsible for those link which are externally linked with us.
  •    Extreme Solutions keeps all rights reserved of the software’s source code until purchase individually by Clients.
  •   Within Service Conduct Period, All the transport cost and other conveyance during office visit will arrange by Extreme Solutions.
  •   All the training will be conducted in working days within office hour’s 10:00am to 06:00pm. Supports will be available 24/7/365 basis.
  •   Extreme Solutions will give demonstration and training for the operation of the software to Clients/ Customers as required.
  •   Extreme Solutions will provide free support and services at Client's premises till the Service contract expires.
  •   Clients/ Customers will provideskilled people (who can operae computer) flearing / handling the software operation.
  •   Clients cannot make duplcate copy, sell or gives the software source code (if purchased) to any third parties and will not make an ind of changes, edit, modify of the (Hosted) compiled software.
  •   Clients will be charged for additional modules which are not mentioned here.
  •   Extreme Solutions will arrange option for database backup system to avoid any data loss. Clients has to download and keep latest data-backup in a safe place.



We are recognized to our clients as Industry leading Software customization & Consultant firm. Our long time working experience with some young & energetic software team helped us to be positioned as one of the acknowledged online and Desktop based software provider in Bangladesh. All Terms above , Extreme Solutions is responsible. We ensure you our terms of services wiill not take any confusion and hesitation in our business relationship. Extreme Solution is a reliable software provider of  XERP, Extreme POS, XA, XLAB, XHRM, Digital Pathshala, Rx, XCRM. We are spreaded at Dhaka , Chittagong and  A-Z Bangldesh.