Website Development We comprehend that in the web field soaked with billions of pages, an all around composed site is fundamentally essential to showcasing.

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For your online nearness to inspire your guests, your site should be radiate believability with polished methodology and quality. We comprehend that in the web field soaked with billions of pages, an all around composed site is fundamentally essential to showcasing, building brand mindfulness and pulling in forthcoming clients. 
Great Solutions has set itself to deal with your thoughts shape them into reality with our skill and inventive approachs. We actualize four center standards to accomplish a definitive objectives for any site improvement ventures. These are (i) Market Research and Business Strategy, (ii) Online Branding for the Business, (iii) Quality Assurance Testing, (iv) Study Visitors Experience. 
We've officially grown all the more then 200 adaptable sites are prepared to demonstrate to you the shading and decision of our customers.

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Website Works Amazing Solutions is a main worldwide standard web innovations arrangements supplier offering .

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Extreme Solutions is a Desktop based Software Company in Dhaka, Chittagong Bangladesh.

Desktop Software  & Solutions


Extreme Solutions is Desktop based software and solutions Company in Bangladesh. We have many more desktop based solutions which will help you to operate your system. Such as XERP, XLAB, Rx .

Why use Desktop Software?


Desktop applications are the ones which are accessible whenever disconnected and furnish you with speedier reaction and rich client experience. You can envision a spreadsheet application to better comprehend what we are discussing here. A desktop application does not require an outsider server to have your information. You have all out control over your information and would not lose them unless you don't reinforcement your information routinely. Be that as it may, the issue with desktop applications are that they don't give all inclusive access.


Why Choose Extreme Solutions?

  • Extreme Solutions is the best provider.
  • We give hassale free installation services.
  • No Extra maintainance fee.
  • Provide 24*7*365 services.


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Domain provider or registration Company. Extreme Solutions is the best Domain provider in Dhaka, Chittagong Bangladesh.


On the World Wide Web your Domain name is your own particular extraordinary personality. No two gatherings can ever hold the same area name at the same time; in this manner your Internet character is absolutely remarkable. On the off chance that you have a business website on the Internet your area name is your own online image and one might say you can utilize your Domain name as your online business card. With your own Domain name your site, and email addresses for instance will have that expert look, being exceptional to your business. Numerous individuals regularly miss the significance of having and afterward keeping their space name until they lose it. When this happens they soon understand that they have lost their entire online personality. How does a Domain name work?


To comprehend why you require a space or Domain name you initially need to know how an area name functions. An area name is a tending to build, utilized for finding and distinguishing PCs on the Internet. PCs use Internet Protocol (IP) Addresses, which are a progression of numbers used to distinguish each other on the Internet; nonetheless, numerous individuals think that its difficult to recollect IP Addresses. As a result of this, Domain names were produced so that effectively recollected names and expressions could be utilized to distinguish elements in the Internet as opposed to utilizing an IP Address.


Why Choose Extreme Solutions?


To enlist a Domain name yourself you should pick a Registrar. A Registrar is an ICANN certify area enlistment organization. There are many Registrars on the Internet these days. The business sector is turning out to be progressively aggressive; which implies that you can buy spaces names for a low yearly charge.

Most web hosting companies will offer domain registration services to their clients. When you register a domain name through a web host they will register your domain name for you through their own approved registrar. Extreme Solutions make thease procedure easy for you. We provide 24*7*365 services. You will find us when you want.

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Online Software & solutions Extreme Solutions is a quality provider of online software & solutions. Now a days the world is web based consequently.

Online Software


Extreme Solutions is a quality provider of online software & solutions. Now a days the world is  web based consequently. At every corner we find internet, wi-fi or many such a way to go through web. As we see on that perspective online software is easy to afford by everyone. Extreme Solutions Provide much as cheap price for your required online software.

Using online software (solutions and tools for accounting, project management, social media, collaboration, website creation and much, much more) to manage and market your small business not only saves you tons of time and money, it also allows you to change the way you do business so you can be much more efficient and effective.

Online programming is more secure. With conventional programming, representatives spare information on their tablets, USB drives, or compact hard drives. It's not as protected as it sounds. Portable workstations are stolen, PCs are seldom moved down appropriately, and it's far-fetched everybody's machines are progressive with the most recent security fixes and overhauls. When you utilize our online programming, your information is put away on secure, dependably upgraded, went down day by day undertaking class servers in a best in class, profoundly secure server firm.


Stay touch with Extreme Solutions for your required online software & solutions.

Extreme Solutions providing 24*7*365 services. You will feel safe & secure with us. You will get to know how to operate your solutions including Video training. Dont hesitate to Contact with us, always with you and for our relavant clients. Contact us on or call us on 01613987363, 01817251582

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We are providing Web Hosting Packages in lowest prices. Many people tend to feel that enlisting a domain name is sufficient to get a site dynamic.

Web Hosting Packages


Extreme Solutions providing hosting packages in lowest prices. Many people tend to feel that enlisting a domain name is sufficient to get a site dynamic. What they neglect to comprehend is that an area is in the same class as your name, a name by which others may remember you. So as to get a site dynamic and live on the web, you have to have a site. On the off chance that you are looking to construct a site without taking web facilitating administrations, enlisting space names will fill no need. Having a web facilitating record is imperative keeping in mind the end goal to get a site facilitated. A web facilitating organization makes it workable for your site to be gotten to by everybody on the web.

Web hosting is basically the space that you buy on a web server to store your website files. When you buy website hosting you basically rent server space on a server where your web files will be placed. So whenever somebody will look up for your website by entering your domain, he will get directed to your website. You can design a website on your own computer but unless you upload it on a hosting server it can never be accessed by anyone.

We are the Company in Bangladesh which can provide you the best hosting Services.

 Our Hosting Packages


  • Shared Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

Shared and reseller hosting will be available in both Linux and Windows server. we are starting from 4oo BDT for 1 GB Linux Hosting. You will not get so lowest rate and best services in Bangladesh . We are providing 99% uptime guarantee including 24*7*365 services. We will be there when and where you want us.

For best Hosting services in Bangladesh keep in touch with Extreme Solutions. Contact us on +8801613987363. Or

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