Cheap Bulk SMS Service in Bangladesh

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    Cheap Bulk SMS Service in Bangladesh

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    Cheap Bulk SMS Service in Bangladesh


    Bulk SMS help you to reach the number of people with a single click! Bulk SMS is commonly used for alerts, reminders, marketing. These types of SMS Service is basically used by Media, Companies, Bank.

    Bulk SMS from Extreme Solutions: 


    Extreme Solutions is a cheap Bulk SMS Service Provider in Bangladesh with web API. We offer single, group, and bulk SMS to end users at a competitive cost. A bulk SMS service is a perfect way to increase sales for your business, as it is an extremely effective way to promote new products and offers.We are offering you the non-masking bulk SMS service which is 99% Deliverable. Using BULK SMS service make easy to send mass SMS messages to individual contacts or multiple groups. 

    Below 10000 (100-9999)

    50 paisa/SMS

    10000- 99999

    45 paisa/SMS


    30 paisa/SMS

    Features we can provide in Bulk SMS Service:
    Bulk SMS to Multiple User
    Group SMS
    •<span style="white-space:pre&qot;> Scheduled SM
    Bangla SMS
    No Masking
    Flat Price for all Operator price
    SMS reception via web account
    HTTP web 99% Delivery rate
    Contact us today for cost-effective bulk SMS Service!




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