Write Your Prescription with Software

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    Write Your Prescription with Software

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    Write Your Prescription with Software
    It’s hard to believe that our medical sector still attempting to get through the day by using a paper-based system, especially when computers, data storage, and networking is so affordable these days. A prescription writing software will help you to shortening your hassle & embarrasment as well. You can manage your daily attended patients like a hospital outdoor. Now a days we are living in a era of digitalization. Why should our medical sector fall behind? Its time to get digitalized in medical sectors also. The practice of prescribing is changing the way many doctors and patients handle medication access. This ways means using prescription writing software will lead us a healthy medical sector where we can finally be free from wrong medication services by Pharmacy. 

    Why should Doctors use PrescribeRx?

    PrescribeRx is more safe and secure than an antiquated, paper-based system.Its an early version of Electronic Health Record System. By using PrescribeRX Doctors can:
    - Add Patient data Such as: Age, Old Medical History, Patients symptomps
    - Prescribe Printed Prescription ( No more Messy handwriting)
    - Edit Old Prescription ( It can be used to study your recurring patients Medical History)
    - Delete old Prescription
    - Sort out age based medicine sets for specific diagnosis (Which can be used for any patients)
    - Select medicine from Medicine Database (We have 17500 Medicine list in our software)

    How to get the software?

    You can start using the software only in 3 steps
    1. Download (Download from Our websit)
    2. Install ( Install the software on your PC)
    3. Activate License (Purchase your lifetime License)
    For easy uses of software you can read the manual " How to use PrescribeRx?" Manual is included in sofware help option. You will also find the Video tutorial in help section as well. 
    Start using your Prescription Writing software from Today! Use PrescribeRx & help Bangladesh to grow in Medical Sector. 

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