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What is Digital Pathshala?

Digital Pathshala is a paperless students information automation solution for today's modern educational institutes. The software provides the facility to carry out students, academic and accounting activities (School, College or University) and making them fast, easy, efficient and accurate. It is a simple yet powerful software platform that connects all the departments of an institution along with office administration, student subscription, examination, certification, reports generation, result generation, fee counter, library, payroll system and many more. This software helps educators to manage, analyze and get reports of extensive data, while saving time by eliminating repeated data entry.

The key features of Digital Pathshala included are:

  • Simple, web-based, easy to use and highly accurate user interface.
  • Highly scalable database system.
  • Manage students admission & enrollment procedure with ease.
  • Fully Automated Fees, Discounts, Fines, Collection, Expenses Management.
  • Integrated financial accounting system.
  • Automated Result Publication System based upon achieved marks.
  • Automatic Creation of Identity Cards, Admit Card and Certificates.
  • Generate different types of customized reports with just one click.
  • Efficient MIS system with ease and simplicity.
    • Digital Pathshala Software Packages

  • Digital Pathshala

    Student information management software for maintaining all academic & accounting information in schools.

  • Online Campus Management

    An advanced students management software with online-exam, live class, study materials, multi-campus centralized management system for global education providers.

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