Auto-Parts Company Software

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Auto Parts Inventory with Accounting Software

Auto-parts sales & inventory management software for automobile spare parts importers & distributors. Using by many autoparts companies in Dhaka & Chittagong of Bangladesh.


Auto Parts accounting Software covers following areas:


    Supplier Management LC Management Customer Management Sales/ Distribution Management Inventory Management Module Accounts Management Module Reporting & Statements Module Software Administration & Security Management


Price of the Auto Parts Software


    60,000 taka for lifetime 1 year free service & supports Any extra reports required by company Lifetime guarantee for runtime errors 12,000 taka for yearly service contract (optional)

Product Setup in Auto Parts Inventory Software

Sales Entry in Auto Parts Inventory Software

For demo of the software, please contact +88 01613 987363

Feature & Details of Auto-Parts Inventory Software

Login Form                           
    ID & Password based authentication
Sales       Setups                                 
    Customers Products (4 level hierarchy) Sales Area/Locations
    Easy Products Searching Sales Entry to Customers Invoice Printing Sales Amendment Sales Return
    Money Collection Cheque Processing Collection History Adjustment
    Sales Invoice Credit List Sale by Categories Sale by Types  Delivery Orders Pending Deliveries Sale by Days Sales by  Products Sales by Customers Marketing Person Sales
    Suppliers Agents
  LC Purchase
    LC Information Entry  LC Expenses Entry LC Item Received
    LC Purchase Payment Adjustment Payments to others
  LC Reports
    LC Purchase History Purchase by a Products Purchase by Categories Purchase by Types   Pending Stocks Purchase by Days Purchase by Suppliers Compare Suppliers for Items
Inventory       Items
    Item Groups Item Categories Sub-Categories Item Types Item Name Units Re-Order Levels Item Barcode Edit Item Info
    Warehouses Setup
    Items Stock-in
    Stock Transfer Damaged Stock Damaged Stock Processing
    Current Stock In-Out History Transfer History Order Report Price List

If you are looking for the best Auto Parts Inventory with Accounting Software in Bangladesh, please contact +88 01613 987363