Eye Doctors Prescription Software

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Prescription Software for Ophthalmologist

PrescribeRx is a easy prescription writing software for eye specialist doctors & ophthalmology surgeons.  The software included complete features of prescribing & EHR ( Electronic Health Record) management system for ophthalmologists & eye surgeons in Bangladesh. You can now easily print Lens/ Glasses Prescription also using the software.


The Prescription Writing Management Software will print well formatted Prescription your Patients will love it. We are Medical Software Development Company in Bangladesh making a complete Prescription Writing Software system with the help of some specialized Doctors which is a part and parcel for every medical practitioner.




This Software is part of a series of research, teaching tools and study material with the features of Patients Records Management, Medicine Management, Patients Historical Data Analysis, Easy Prescription & Medical Certificate Printing, Statistical data analysis etc. expecting to release in a very cheap cost with finest service and supports all over in  Bangladesh .



General features

    Specially designed for  ophthalmologists & eye surgeons Medicine & Lens Glasses Prescription preparation Print separate prescription for medicine & glasses Patients Searching in Software Dashboard Find Old patients historical data Printing old Prescriptions Edit-Delete provision for any records Daily Serial Entry with Appointment Card Patients Appointment Schedule Report Money receipt against collection Admission for visiting Doctors (Direct or from serial) Daily/Weekly/Monthly List of Patients and collected amounts Disease profile, Patients search and preview. Drug Directory Drug Details Search Drugs Drugs by Brands Drugs by Generics Drugs by Classes Drugs by Conditions. Advance search Generic Name editor Literature for Generic Names, showing dosage, indication, side effects etc. Prescription can be Export to other formats or Email to your Patients. Different Statistical Reports
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