Filling Station Software

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We have developed a robust filling service station management software to maintain any kinds of petrol pump, gas station and fuel filling stations. Using the software you can easily maintain your filling station without loosing your time, money and extra efforts.

The software is very efficient for handling any kinds of transaction matters in your filling station. You do not have to worry about stealing money or oil from your service station. Our filling station management system is one of the best service station management software in Bangladesh.
The software is featured with:
    Credit customers and vehicles info setup
    Sales Modes: Cash Sale, Credit/ Loan Sale (Kacha Slip), Payment Due/ Advance Fuel, Advance Payment, Order Delivery (Paka Slip), Due Delivery (Paka Slip)
    Dispenser wise auto Meter Reading based upon sales
    Tank-wise fuel/ gas stock quantity
    Other Item Types (ie, 5L Mobil Can)
    Order List Printing (Pending & Due)
    Delivery Modes: Order Delivery, Due Delivery, Loan Paid, Payment, Cash Sale, Loan Sale
    Daily Other Income Entry (ie, Empty Drum Sale)
    Credit Customer, Sections & Vehicle wise Billing
    Vehicle wise Pending List
    Customer wise Vehicle Outstanding List
    Customer Ledger [Office Copy & Customer Copy]
    Credit Sales Dues Collection
    Payment Modes: Fake Order Delivery (Cash Payment to Driver), Due Delivery by Cash Payment, Loan Sale by Cash Payment, Payment to Suppliers
    Adjustment Modes: Order Delivery, Due Delivery, Barter (Loan Transfer)
    Delivery Bill with History (Summary & Details)
    Meter Reading History
    Item wise Stock Register
    Current Stock with Sales & Purchase Price
    Suppliers Info Setup
    Purchase from Suppliers
    Payment to Suppliers
    Item Purchase History By Suppliers
    Price List Printing
    Stock Lookup (By Item Group, Category, Tank etc.)
    Head wise & Group wise Expense History
    Loan Summary
    Head wise Loan History
    Bank Transaction History
    Cash Ledger
    Trade Receivable List
    Suppliers Payment History
    User Security Management (Unlimited Users)

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For more details and price of the filling station management software, please call us +88 01613 987363