HR, Attendance & Payroll Software

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Leading HR, Attendance & Payroll Software in Chittagong for garments manufacturing industries. XHRM software includes employee attendance and leave management, human resource management, automated payroll processing, provident fund management etc. Below are some of the general functionalities of XHRM software.

Software Features :

Common Features

    Secured Administration User Panel Web based centralized server based system Compatible with smart devices/mobile browsers Multi users with multi authorization types Time based Multiple User Data-Entry Management Transactional SMS/ Email Integration Searching & Reporting data by any criteria. User authentication & authorization assigned by Administrator


Interactive landing page for user


General Info:

Financial Year Setup Month Setup Department Setup Section Setup Designation Setup



Shifts Name Setup (Normal & Overlapping shift) Sub-Shift Setup Season wise shift Setup Day start, Day End, Report Time, Tolerance Time (In/Out), Loss Time Shift Break Time Entry (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Rest etc.) Shift wise OT setup (OT start before/after shift start time, OT stab) Unrest Conditions Shift wise OT start time setup




Weekly Holiday Setup Gov. Holidays Setup General Working Day allocation in any weekly Day off/Holiday


Roster Plan:

Department/Section, Sub-section, Individual, Multi employee selection, Date range wise shifting plan Date range and unique id wise shifting plan upload system form excel file


Employee Information

Unlimited Number of Employee Data Entry Employee Type (officer, worker, supervisor, driver, cleaner etc.) Employee Category (Probationary, Permanent, Contractual, Temporary etc.) Sub-Department/Sub-selection HR Responsibility Department Configuration Employee Personal Information (Name, Code, Phone no, Email, Father’s name, Mothers name, NID/Birth ID, Religion, male, female, blood group, identity, mark, image, sign, upload option, date of birth, marital status, document upload option) Official information (Employee type, employee category, joining date, approximate confirmation date, punch card, Bank name and bank A/C no, Reporting person, Primary shift, Department/section, Sub-section, Designation setup) Information list (view & edit) Complains/Advices Enable/Disable Change Employee Id Change Card id Leave allocation according to joining (CL, SL, EL, ML, LWP) Commission material entry Nominee information entry Academic Information entry Training history entry


Transfer, Promotion & Increment

Individual employee wise/Department wise Transfer, Promotion & Increment option with History Transfer, Promotion- Increment upload system Fixed amount/calculative increment option



Roster Setup Attendance scheme setup Commission Materials Auto & manual punch data upload (from Excel/Access database) Multiple shift wise attendance process Attendance Reprocess Attendance Freeze/unfreeze option Data Process with backward compatibility Late Approve Manual Entry option Edit Employee Attendance Edit Daily Attendance Late and Early Leave Management Manual Attendance (individual/multiple) Outside duty


Leave Management

Leave head (CL, EL, SL, ML, LWP) Leave allocation/transfer in every calendar year Yearly Holiday heads Yearly calendar setup Leave Type Leave Process Leave Info Leave Approve Leave Transfer Full Leave entry Half/Short leave entry (Hour basis) Paid & unpaid leave management Suffix-Prefix leave calculation Maximum leave allocation in a month Leave approve by user/superior Leave ledger Earn leave encashment with Pay Slip (Signatory Sign Auto Upload system)


OT Management

Buyer OT Settings OT Rate Setup OT Manual Entry


Bonus Management

Bonus Type Setup Bonus Rule Setup Overtime benefits setup Salary/fixed amount benefits Leave benefits Attendance bonus allowance (amount) (Note: if full present in a month cycle then rk300, if leave taken CL, EL then tkl50, for other’s leave taken no allowance) Night shiftwork allowance (note: if night shift work then given tk50/day)


Bonus Process Attendance benefits assign with history Bonus rules entry option (Employee Type/Category wise changeable) Particular date wise bonus process with history Bonus forecast in Particular date Bonus Pay slip (Both Bangla & English) (Signatory Sign Auto Upload system) Bonus Freeze option



Fixed Salary heads (Basic, House rent, Medical, Conveyance etc.) Salary Grade & Slab setup Salary scheme setup Salary scheme allocation to employee Monthly/ yearly/ Allowance allocation (Conditional) (medical bill, attendance bonus, transport bill deduction etc.)Monthly Salary Process Particular Date wise Salary Process Department/Salary Structure/Individual employee wise Salary Process Salary Process Freeze/Unfreeze option Salary Adjustment Employee Salary Increment Advance Pay Slip (Both Bangla & English) (Signatory Sign Auto Upload system) Bank Advice Cash Salary Employee Salary Details Report Salary Summary


Performance Appraiser

Based on Himalay Sourcing Ltd practice Performance Appraiser Report



Loan Type Loan Apply Loan Approval Loan Adjustment Loan Manual Payment Loan Status Loan Rules Integrated Pf rules Monthly installment & interest deduction and Integrated with Salary Process Loan installment amount, /installment count change option Loan Installment Ledger (individual/All) (Excel & PDF export option) Loan Refund (Installment wise &fixed amount) Loan Summary



Employee Report

Daily Report Job Card Monthly Report Employee Info New Employee Info Resigned Employee Info Confirmation Date Employee Info Detail Employee Database export to excel Service Book Employee CV


Employee Final Settlement

Gratuity Settlement Rules PF Settlement Rules Salary Settlement for Resignation. Dismissal, Retirement, Termination & Contractual Completion PF Settlement for Resignation, Dismissal, Retirement, Termination. Settlement Attendance & payroll Details Salary Settlement (Both Bangla &English) PF Settlement Slip (Both Bangla & English) Settlement Summary


Salary Report

Salary Sheet Exports in Excel and PDF Salary Summary Report Extra OT Report Bonus Report Loan Report


Attendance Report

Daily Attendance Report Time Cad (Multiple/Individual) New Employee List Left Employee List Attendance Summary Report Absent Report OT Report Attendance Monitoring Late/Early leave employee report


Leave Report

Leave Balance Leave Approve Leave Info Report Absent Amount Report Head and Deferent date selection wise Leave Report Leave Summary Report Absent Amount Report Head and Deferent date selection wise Leave Report Leave Summary Report



Multi Project Setup Important Documents Upload Database Backup


Notice & Messages

Auto Notification on important incidents Pay slip and Selected Documents Send option by Mail from Software Notice Board Internal Messaging Send Messages Received Messages


Users & Security

Unlimited Number of User Creation User Profile Create Login Profile User Permissions Level Menu Structure Menu Level Security Form Level Security Block User Reset Password User Login History Working Unit Setup Authorization Setup/ User Permission (Add, Edit, Delete, View, Menu, Download, Print, Undo, Copy, Approval, Process etc.)